Alternative Medicine

by Jimmy G 1. April 2013 22:09

Massage, chiropractic care and acupuncture are thousands of years old.

Western medicine, often known as mainline medicine is a bit over 100 years old.

Which one is 'original' and which is 'alternative?

It's a matter of perspective. 

Muscles make up from 40-50% of the average human body. NO movement can occur without muscles, so instead of looking for fancy causes of pain, discomfort and limited movement how about the common sense approach and look for simple solutions? Check the muscles first, then look for arthritis, bursitis, ligaments, tendons or spinal discs issues.

Be a detective. When things go wrong (pain) ask, 'what was I doing the last few minutes to the last few hours?' About 98% of the time that will tell you what's caused the problem. Don't rely just on the health care practicitioner to fix you. It's a team effort, thus common sense, and you need to get invested in your own body.

Many more simple solutions and common sense in my book: Wisdom is the Answer-Common Sense is the Way

Remember: Doctors have hundreds of patients; you have one: Yourself!

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What President Obama Doesn't Have Time To Say

by Jimmy G 17. April 2009 07:19

In the presidential election of 2008 my vote went to the other guy. Now that Barack Obama is our president I choose to live in the present. He has my support until he causes me to withdraw it by his actions, that is common sense. What I like so far is the way the White House website has been improved. The president is believable, so far. He has taken bold steps to fix challenges facing our nation including health care and health insurance. 

How can we as individuals and groups join with the president to improve our country? 

Start with individual morals and ethics. We know what is right and wrong. Let us all follow the simple guideline: Do What is Right, Avoid What is Wrong! In our daily endeavors, personally and professionally, follow established rules and laws, legal and moral. Have you ever been hurt by someone who didn't do that?Likewise, when you do the same you are likely hurting others and sometimes yourself. Avoid politics in groups, work for the common good. If you are a leader in any way wear your morals and ethics on your sleeve and expect it of others.

Safety: falls and accidents cost us billions of dollars per year either personally or to the insurance companies. Even mild injuries disrupt individuals, families and businesses. Serious and fatal accidents do much worse. Will we all commit to being safer? Use common sense when gravity is involved, that is, on ladders, uneven surfaces and stairs. Safety takes time. Avoid rushing and if you are tired, then stop. Many accidents happen during times of fatigue. There is little difference between being under the influence of fatigue and under the influence of drugs or alcohol. It is common sense and predictable therefor choose wisely.

In the U.S.A. we kill ourselves and fellow citizens over 45,000 times each year in vehicle accidents. Over 95% of them are caused by driver error. Will we all make the decision to be safer, keep more of our minds on driving instead of work, cell phones, and all the other distractions? We developed the habit to put driving safety below our other thoughts and actions. We can choose and re-train ourselves to make driving safety a prominent issue. The three major issues are controlling speed, increasing following distance behind other vehicles (don't tailgate) and drive with "zero blood levels", that is zero amounts of alcohol or drugs in your system that can interfere with driving skills. Fatigue and failing to pay attention are other main issues.

Dead is forever, choose life. Injuries take weeks to years to heal and sometimes never do. I know, my injuries from accidents are permanent. Who injured me? Nice people like you or me. We are doing it to ourselves and each others. How much money can we save by being safer in our lives? Paying attention pays off! 

All this is easy to say and easy to do. Simply make the decision and pay attention. Make it fun, rejoice with your wise decisions.


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My Very First Blog Post

by Jimmy G 8. March 2009 13:25
The purpose of my life is to serve others. I am a practitioner of life. I enjoy it & am grateful for it. If I can share information, wisdom or encouragement to others, then I am achieving success. This site will promote the concept of “Relaxed Success”. It suggests that a positive attitude, with relaxation, positive talk (to ourselves & others) is a wonderful way to succeed. I believe in KISS: Keep It Simple & Successful. This site is like life: it grows & matures as it lives. As you explore this site (and thank you for visiting) take a big deep breathe in. As you exhale smile, nod & laugh, or at least giggle. Feel better? More relaxed? This is one of the first tools I teach in my public presentations, my martial arts classes & to massage patients/clients. Whenever you are out of balance (sad, angry, upset, tired, bored, afraid, etc.) remember to …

BESNL (pronounced bes-nol)...
Breath in deeply…
Exhale slowly and …
Nod your head
Laugh, or at least giggle.

This should result in instant relaxation. More...

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