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by Jimmy G 8. March 2009 13:25
The purpose of my life is to serve others. I am a practitioner of life. I enjoy it & am grateful for it. If I can share information, wisdom or encouragement to others, then I am achieving success. This site will promote the concept of “Relaxed Success”. It suggests that a positive attitude, with relaxation, positive talk (to ourselves & others) is a wonderful way to succeed. I believe in KISS: Keep It Simple & Successful. This site is like life: it grows & matures as it lives. As you explore this site (and thank you for visiting) take a big deep breathe in. As you exhale smile, nod & laugh, or at least giggle. Feel better? More relaxed? This is one of the first tools I teach in my public presentations, my martial arts classes & to massage patients/clients. Whenever you are out of balance (sad, angry, upset, tired, bored, afraid, etc.) remember to …

BESNL (pronounced bes-nol)...
Breath in deeply…
Exhale slowly and …
Nod your head
Laugh, or at least giggle.

This should result in instant relaxation. All five actions in BESNL stimulate the relaxation or calm mode of our minds and bodies. It turns off the stress mode. Yes, this is a simplification but for the most part the human body can only be in stress mode or relaxation mode – not both. First use BESNL to calm yourself when you are out of balance then practice it while you are relaxed. This is the concept that fire prevention is better than fire fighting…unless you like to fight. Since I’m Italian I say BESNL with an Italian accent but you may use any accent you wish. It is now your word - I share it with you.

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